Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions apply to all orders placed with Seuda Foods Inc. On our website, through e-mail, phone, in person or any other way.

All perishable food leaves our location (Seuda Foods Inc.) fresh and frozen. Once the food is picked up by the delivery service whom Seuda Foods Inc.  chose, Seuda Foods Inc. is no longer responsible for spoilage, physical damage, broken seals or any other damage.                                                                        


All the pictures on our website (www.seuda.com and www.seuda.myshopify.com ) are not accurate. Not in size, volume, amounts, color, shape or in any other way. They are for reference  only.          


All food is sold AS IS. Seuda Foods Inc. will not refund or accept returns once your order is shipped.


Once the food is picked up by the delivery service whom Seuda Foods Inc. chose, Seuda Foods Inc.  is no longer responsible in any way for the package and its contents. This includes any delays in delivery, any lost packages, Or if your destination refuses the package.                                                                                                     


All orders come packed in aluminum tins double wrapped and sealed. ( This does not include any salads, drinks or bakery items.)                                                                                        


Once your order is placed you must call or email Seuda Foods Inc. to confirm your order (orders@seuda.com or 718-375-1500), as some items may not be available or, we may not have enough time to fill and ship your order.                            


All orders are shipped without a recipient needing to sign for it. If you require a signature you must notify Seuda Foods Inc. by email at orders@seuda.com . (Please note if you do wish the recipient to sign and no one is at the house or front desk the delivery carrier will then reschedule the shipment causing a delay.) 


This total does not include the cost for shipping. The cost for shipping will be determined after your order is weighed and packed.